photography sessions

Jungle Gardens offers photo permits for those who wish to be professionally photographed in the lush and decorative grounds of this natural paradise.


With payment of a photography fee of $50.00, photography and videography sessions are allowed on the grounds of Jungle Gardens year-round and yield incredibly breathtaking photographs. Azaleas, irises, and wisteria fill the property in spring, the summer provides lots of greenery, in the fall, the grounds explode with colors as our many tree species change into yellows, oranges, and reds, and as fall turns to winter, our camellias and Japanese magnolias begin to bloom. Our property covers over 170 acres and provides an endless amount of backdrops for your special photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the photo shoot pass valid for?

The photo shoot pass if valid for one day.

Do you have to make a reservation?

No, we do not take reservations. Please remember that Jungle Gardens is a public place where visitors are welcome in all public areas, and that regular business continues during normal operating hours.

What are the Check In Procedures?

All visitors must check in at the Jungle Garden's Gift Shop.  You will then pay your fee (if not pre-paid) and receive a photo shoot pass, intended to be visible for the duration of your shoot.  The pass is intended to help staff know what the purpose of your visit is. It will also prevent you from being disturbed during your shoot.

How late can we stay in Jungle Gardens?

Once you purchase your photography pass, which must be purchased by 5:00 pm, you can stay in the grounds until dark.

How many people can enter the gardens with the purchase of a photography pass?

The photography pass is charged per photo session. Each photo pass allows five people to enter the grounds.

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